About Me

Samuel Asuma

I am a full-time student at Metropolitan State University majoring in CIT (Computer Information Technology). This site is dedicated to documenting my last semester as I prepare for my technical interview, build my portfolio and prepare for graduate exams.

I am passionate about bicycles. I’m in love with the experience of riding bikes. I don’t care much about the object that is a bicycle but care more about the experience of riding a bike. People and experiences are more important than objects. In the future I hope to focus on bike advocacy and policy making to improve infrastructure for bicycling worldwide. I also have a passion for urban planning and believe that technology can be the force of change that we need. Technology can help us lead better more productive lives. It has the potential to solve many pain points we experience in dense urban centers. In the near future I hope to be a part of a project/team that shapes how city planning looks like in the 21st Century.

– Samuel Asuma